Capitães do Açúcar

Ano: 2023 Cliente: RTP


Bernardo, a young pharmaceutical sciences student, lives alone with his younger sister with no family support. Dividing his days between his studies and a part time job in a greasy restaurant, he sees an opportunity to change his precarious financial situation when he receives an unexpected invitation from Neves, Antunes and Cruz – a group of young fine art students who, in parallel, are involved in a scheme of production and distribution of a psychotropic substance called Sugar. The Sugar Captains, as they call themselves, have lost their main element – the “cook” – and place their hopes in Bernardo. Pressured and threatened by Raposo, an unscrupulous criminal, and in the grip of a police chase, a series of accidents and failures in the production of the drugs will put their lives at risk and potentiate the revelation of the secrets behind the discovery of this mysterious substance.